Just wanted  you to get to know me better. I left the corporate world years ago to pursue my dream of working in real estate and being my own boss. I am a passionate, self-proclaimed workaholic , LOVE MY WORK. My number one goal is to represent my clients with the highest degree of professionalism, skill, and tenacity to achieve the best results possible. I  joke that I’m highly educated in the school of hard knocks. Over 20 years of doing real estate, I’ve held deals together that many would have walked away from. I work tirelessly to make sure my clients understand the process and reach their goals. Communication is key for me. I like to be clear and direct, making sure that my clients never feel uninformed. My other passion is my family. I enjoy spending time with my children and grandkids and ALL kids. Sharing my love of the outdoors , fishing and teaching the kids the importance of catch and release and to hunt safely. Whether you are ready to sell, buy, or or build your dream home, I am ready to lead the way. Give me a call anytime 24/7. Many Thanks and stay well.